Hiking Accessories

Winter Hiking

We not only do ultralight hiking gear for the warmer seasons, we also have winter essentials. These winter essentials include crampons and ice axes/picks for safer hiking.

Crampons & Ice Cleats

  • Mini Spikes for Hiking Crampons Photo of Single
    Crampons - Safe Winter Hiking

    Mini Spikes for Hiking
    5 Sizes Available

    $19.99$23.99 Select options
  • Universal Crampons 18 Teeth
    Crampons - Safe Winter Hiking

    Universal Crampons
    18 Teeth
    US size 7 ~ 12

    $49.99 Add to cart
  • Adjustable Crampons 12 Teeth US Size 6 ~ 13.5 Main Image

Ice Axes and Ice Picks

  • Emergency Ice Pick with Whistle

Sleeping Bag Accessories

  • Silicon Ear Sleeping plugs for Sleeping and Loud Environments Pair
  • orange sleeping bag liner

Ultralight Hiking Pillows

  • Hiking Pillow Ultralight Weight Inflatable Vitality Army Green Top View
  • Backpacking Pillow Camping Air Pillow Vuno Giganto

Hydration Bladders

  • Drinking tube clip main image
  • Water Bladder Cleaner KIt

Knives & Survival Aids

  • Black Folding Pocket Knife with Belt Clip
  • Carabiner Pocket Knife black 2023
  • Emergency cultery Set 2 Piece Set
  • Emergency Credit Card Style Tool Kit Components
  • Small Fold out Spade
  • flint firestarter
  • Magnesium Fire Starter Rod Vuno Big Spark 11 8 cm Long

Lightweight Camping Furniture

  • Ultralight Camping Hunting Fishing Chair Back View
  • Ultralight hiking fishing hunting Stool-Chair


  • dynamo torch with solar charging and carabiner clip

Photography Accessories