Hiking Cooking Gear

Our hiking cooking gear will help you get the most out of your cooking experience on the track. One of the benefits of ultralight hiking is not just the weight reduction. By using ultralight gear you can use the weight and space saving to take more gear with you. The best part of the day is after a long days hike, chilling in a hut or at a campsite. So why not bring more gear to help make this part of the day more enjoyable?

Cooking Sets for Hiking

Need a stove and the pots and pans for your first multi day or overnight hike? We have a range of cooking sets for hiking to choose from. Our gas stove sets are the most popular as they can be used inside huts as well as in campsites. Our wood burning and alcohol sets are great for longer hikes as back ups should gas run out.

Pots & Pan Sets for Hiking

When selecting pots and pans for hiking sometimes the lightest isn’t the best way to go. Typically the lighter a pot or pan is, then the less heat it will transfer. This results in longer cooking times, burnt pots and more gas used. In other words taking ultralight pots and pans mean taking more gas.

Stoves for Hiking

If you want a stove for hiking which is fast and efficient then gas is the way to go. Gas stoves can be used in huts as well as in campsites. The disadvantage to gas stove cookers is you need to carry heavy gas cylinders. These gas cylinders must be taken out with you and can not be taken onto aircraft. 

Wood burning stoves can only be used outdoors and relying on fine weather as they need dry wood for fuel. Also there can be further restrictions around their usage. Wood burner stoves are the lightest option however can take a bit of time to get going. They can be used as a backup for gas stoves or at campsites during the winter as heaters.

Alcohol stoves are a good alternative to gas as you can take only the fuel you need. So if you are only staying a couple of nights on the track you can save on some weight. The other benefit is they run on methylated spirits which is stocked by most supermarkets. No more stressing about where to get gas from after flying in for your hike.

Lightweight Cutlery

Ultralight weight cutlery is typically the best way to go, especially if you are living mostly on dehydrated food. However if you are only going away for a couple of days then lightweight set or heavier is better. This is because with short hikes the food you will take is likely to be more substantial. You don’t want to bend a titanium fork or knife out of shape trying to cut a steak.

Cooking Accessories

To make your stay at your hut or campsite easier we also have a growing range of cooking accessories. These accessories will save you time in the kitchen without adding too much weight to your backpack.

Food Protection

Want to take more substancial food with you on your mult-day hike but worried it will get squashed or broken? Wondered how to stop your eggs from breaking or how to prevent your banana’s from getting squashed?  Now you don’t have to rely on dehydrated food only with our food protection range of solutions.

Coffee and Espresso Making

Hiking the ultralight weight way can allow you to take some comforts from home with you. We have a range of coffee making solutions which can make other hikers envious. Or alternatively can be used to make new friends. 

Our basic coffee making solution is the coffee dripper which weighs only 173 grams. If you want something which makes coffee to cafe quality then we have the WACACO minipresso hand powered espresso makers.