Kepler Track NZ Great Walk

The Kepler Track NZ is one of New Zealand’s most well known Great Walks because of it’s breathtaking Alpine views. The track is located near Te Anau which the hub of three of New Zealand’s Great Walks. The Routeburn Track and the Milford Track are located close by. This close proximity of Great Walks making this area a hiker’s paradise.

Day One – Kepler Track Car Park to Brod Bay Campsite (5.6 km)

Start at Kepler Track car park and hike through bush along side Lake Te Anau. This is an easy hike across mostly flat terrain which leads to Brod Bay campsite. At night you can fall asleep to the sound of Morepork and Kiwi if you are lucky. The campsite has toilets, a cooking shelter and some park benches. Plenty of water is available from the Lake however it should be boiled first for at least 3 minutes before use. More information is available from DOC, see link at the bottom of this page.

Brod Bay Campsite

Easy Hike through bush towards Brod Bay Campsite

Day Two – Brod Bay Campsite to Luxmore Hut (8.2 km)

Slightly more challenging day, only 8.2 km to get to Luxmore Hut. However this is a hard slog of 800 m elevation zigzagging up hill through the bush with little reward.

800 m of elevation zigzagging up hill through the bush

Zigzagging up hill through the bush

Until you break through the bush and are rewarded with views like these before heading onto the Luxmore hut. This hut features views of Lake Te Anau and the Kepler Mountains. It is well equipped with running tap water, flushing toilets (during great walk session) and gas stoves making this hut a great place for cooking those more elaborate meals.

While at the Luxmore Hut take some time to view the Luxmore caves.

Luxmore Caves Kepler Track Great Walk

Explore Luxmore Caves

Day Three – Luxmore Hut to Iris Burn Campsite (14.6 km)

The highlight of the Kepler Track and the longest day but most rewarding. Experience breathtaking alpine views across the south fiord of Te Anau to Murchison mountains. If you are lucky you will come across some Kea who have made the mountains their home.

The elevation profile for this part of the track look’s soft in the guide for the Kepler Track. However don’t be fooled by this because on this day it is a case of what goes up must come down. All the way to Iris Burn Campsite.

Day Four – Iris Burn Campsite to Moturau Hut ( 16.2 km)

Another easy day hiking through the bush on mostly flat terrain. During this section you will meet a variety of small birds which have made the Kepler Track NZ their home. Some of which may follow you along on you journey. At the end of your day you will be rewarded with an overnight stay at the Moturau Hut. While there, you can experience an amazing sunset. If you are lucky you may even get to see kiwi in their natural habitat.

Day Five – Motorau Hut – Rainbow Reach Car park or Kepler Track Car park (6 – 15.5 km)

More time in the bush and across wooden paved wetland, again with easy flat terrain. This time however walking next to the beautiful Waiau River. This amazing Great Walk can finish at either the Rainbow Reach car park or the Kepler Track Car park.

Beautiful Waiau River

Waiau River

For more information on Kepler Track NZ visit the New Zealand Department of Conservation