Lightweight Sleeping Bags

Vuno lightweight sleeping bags are light and pack down small reducing your load freeing up space in your pack.  Our sleeping bag range use duck or goose down which lofts out to create modules of air. These modules store the warm air generated from your body keeping you warm throughout the night.

How to Select the Right Sleeping Bag

Match the expected temperature of intended location to somewhere in the middle of the bags comfort range. If in doubt, get a warmer bag. For example if the forecast low is 10°C then get a lightweight sleeping bag with a comfort range of 5-20°C or between 0-15°C.

PUFFER Down Lightweight Sleeping Bags

The Vuno PUFFER range is the same as our PUFFY DUCK range. This range uses a combination of horizontal and vertical baffles with two colours. The result is a lightweight sleeping bag with style which not only performs well but looks great.

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Aegismax Ultralight Weight Sleeping Bags

 If you are looking for something even lighter then an Aegismax sleeping bag is what you  want. They use high quality down with up to 95% filling weight to make some of the lightest sleeping bags available.

We have stock available of these amazing sleeping bags with an average delivery time of 2 -3 days.

  • Aegismax Mini Sleeping Bag with stuff sack and L & P

Getting the Most out of Down Lightweight Sleeping Bags

To reduce the weight of your pack, think multi-use. The main purpose of a sleeping bag is to keep you warm at night when the temperature of your body drops. At night it is likely you will need to leave the comfort of your sleeping bag. So wear enough clothes to keep you warm for when this happens. Follow the temperature guide above and take more clothes, rather than a heavier warmer sleeping bag.

To get the most out of lightweight sleeping bags, before use do some exercise on the spot to generate body warmth. Get inside your sleeping bag and your body heat will get trapped inside the bag. If you start to feel cold at night generate more warmth by moving your body to regenerate heat.

Caring for your Sleeping Bag

Use a sleeping bag liner  to add additional warmth. Not only will this keep you warmer but will also prolong the life of your sleeping bag. Not to mention reduce the need to clean it.

Duck down sleeping bags should be stored outside of compression bags. This will ensure maximum loft is reached when used. If this can be down take out the sleeping bag a week before use to let it loft out as much as possible prior to use.

How to Wash Your Down Sleeping Bag

We don’t recommend washing your down sleeping bag. However if your sleeping bag is old and starts to smell then have a look at the below video. Alternatively you can  watch on YouTube by clicking here. Also if your bag has lost it’s loft then washing your sleeping bag correctly can restore some of the loft.

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