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Lightweight Tents

What Makes Vuno Tents so Light?

Vuno tents are some of the lightest lightweight tents around. What makes Vuno tents so light is the use of siliconized nylon. This fabric is made by adding liquid silicon to both sides of woven nylon fabric. This method makes the fabric strong for it’s weight and highly waterproof.

Vuno’s lightest tents are poleless tents  so don’t use tent poles. Instead they require hiking poles to erect. The idea behind this is the multi-use gear philosophy whereby one item in your pack has multiple uses. Most hikers/trampers use hiking poles, so why not use it to put your tent up at the end of the day.

Port William Lightweight Tents

Our Port William hiking tents are Vuno Hiking’s lightest tents. They are single layer poleless lightweight tents which requires the use of either 2 hiking poles or a couple of branches to put them up. This means the weight of the tent can be reduced without compromising on quality. The Port William was tested out on New Zealand’s Rakiura Track. These tents can comfortably fit two people using our Crossing Air Mattresses.

The Divide Hiking Tents

The Divide tents are ultralight weight pole-less dual layer lightweight tents. They are best suited for 1 person however can fit two people without mattresses. Alternatively with an overlap, 2 of our Crossing Air Mattresses can be used.  They require either 1 hiking pole to set up or a branch from the campsite. This tent was used and tested on New Zealand’s Routeburn Track.

Twin Peaks Lightweight Tents

Our Twin Peaks tents may not be the lightest, but they are some of the roomiest lightweight tents available. These home away from homes require 2 hiking poles or other straight objects such as branches to set up. We have two in our range, the Circuit which was tried and tested on New Zealand’s Tongariro Northern Circuit and the Tasman which was tested on the Able Tasman Coast Track. Two people can comfortably sit upright inside and with the right mattresses sleep 2 people. See the individual tent listings to see which mattresses are best suited. 

How to Look After Your Vuno Lightweight Tent

Always use a groundsheet underneath to protect and extend the life of your valuable investment. This will also keep your tent dry and keep it cleaner.

Check and clean surface where tent is to be erected. Sharp objects may pierce through and rip the floor not to mention be uncomfortable to sit on

Dry well in the sun before packing away. However if this can’t be done then air the tent out during breaks. Doing this will not only keep your valuable investment smelling good but also reduce the weight. This is because too much water can easily double the weight of your tent while carrying it.

If using branches instead of hiking poles to put the tent up. Then ensure they are smooth and free of sharp branches.