Lightweight Tramping Packs – Ultralight

Hiking backpacks are the first place to start when reducing your pack weight. Our range of lightweight tramping packs consists of backpacks which use strong ultralight weight materials. Our lightest packs utilize frame-less design which gets the pack weight down to as low as 540 grams.

While deciding on which pack to use, consider how many days you are intending to hike for. Also work out a pack list to decide how much weight you need to pack into the bag. 

When you are hiking for 3 days in the middle of winter you will need a bigger tramping pack which is capable of holding more weight. If you are only doing one or 2 nights in a hut then a smaller pack should be fine.

Day Hiking Backpacks 30 Litre

Our 30 L day hiking backpacks have multiple compartments and straps on the front and sides. This allows you to take extra gear which won’t fit inside the pack. Using the right ultralight hiking gear you could even use these packs for a two day hike.

These packs are versatile too, they can also be used as everyday backpacks. They include a compartment for your water hydration bladder which is large enough to fit a laptop.

Lightweight Tramping Packs 40+16 Litre Frame-less

These frame-less lightweight tramping packs are our most popular packs. They are suitable for long multi-day hikes where you need to carry up to 15 kg.

What makes these tramping packs so light, is their frame-less design and lightweight materials. Instead of using a frame, a sleeping pad can be used which is included with these packs. Follow this link to see how to use a sleeping pad as your frame. Alternatively if you pack your bag just right you can use it without the sleeping pad. This is a good option when you are staying in huts.

These lightweight tramping packs weigh only 900 grams without the sleeping pad (included) which weighs an additional 340 gram.

Ultralight Weight Hiking Backpacks 36 Litre Frame-less

If you are going on a short multi-day hike then these lightweight tramping packs are what you need. With these packs you can carry up to 10 kg of weight. This makes them perfect is you are staying in huts only. 

Our 36 litre packs are also frame-less, but due to the size a frame isn’t really required. These packs have breathable padding on the back for additional comfort when using without a sleeping pad. If you want to use a sleeping pad as a frame you can. These packs come with loops for attaching one to the back of the pack. 

** Please note, due to popular demand these packs will take up to 28 days for delivery **

Tramping Packs Unisex 55 Litre with Frame

Tramping backpacks for the serious hiker. Our 55 litre range weigh only 1,130 grams and include aluminium frames. These packs are best for long multi-day hikes where a lot of supplies are required. They can carry a recommend load up to 15 kg.

What makes these ultralight tramping packs our best is the frame which helps adjust the centre of gravity. This allows the weight of the pack to be balanced making it feel lighter. They also are available for three different height ranges and have two different waist strap sizes. What this means is you can achieve a perfect pack fitment which will make your hike easier and more enjoyable.

When ordering please advise whether your waste is below or above 85 cm.

** Please note, due to popular demand these packs will take up to 28 days for delivery **

3F UL Gear Ultralight Weight Tramping Packs

If you can’t find the tramping pack you are looking for in our range then try a 3F UL Gear tramping pack. Click on the image below to visit the 3F UL Gear website. 

From here you can buy a 3F UL Gear tramping pack direct from Asia. If you don’t mind waiting a little bit long then you can save good money on one of Asia’s top brands of ultralight weight hiking gear.

How to Wear Your Lightweight Tramping Pack for Hiking

Wearing your hiking backpack correctly will make your hiking adventure easier. Below are some tips on how to do this:

• 95% of the weight should be on your hips

• Carry no more than 20 -30% of your body weight. Ask yourself, do you really need each item before packing away. The lighter your pack, the more enjoyable the hiking will be.

• Ensure your pack doesn’t move around much, it should feel like an extension of your body. It should move when you move and not move around by itself.

Video on how to Correctly Wear and Adjust Your Hiking Backpack

To see how to wear and adjust you backpack, have a look at this video from Open Air Tours.

Tips on How to Pack Your Backpacks for Hiking/Tramping

Here are some tips for the best way to pack you backpack for overnight hiking & tramping:

• Always use a pack liner or rubbish bag to keep clothing and sleeping bag dry and pack at the bottom of your backpack for hiking.

• Using a pack liner of rubbish bag will not only keep your clothes and sleeping bag dry. It will also allow you to use less compression bags allowing for the gaps to be filled with small items.

• Pack essential and most frequently used items at the top of the bag or in outside storage compartments. These items could include snacks, lunches, first aid kits, rain jackets and lighting.

• Put items which don’t need to be used during the day towards the bottom of the backpack. 

• If you need more room inside the pack then strap items which can get wet to the outside of your pack. Your sleeping bag is not one of these items, always ensure your clothes and sleeping bag are packed inside as above.

• Heavier items such as cooking gear and food should be packed towards the bottom up against your back. This will help with balance and help shift the packs weight to your hip.


Some Tips on How to Pack Your Frame-less Ultralight Hiking Backpack

For some tips check out the below video on how to pack a frame-less ultralight backpack. This pack is similar to our 36 Litre frame-less backpack for hiking.