Crampons - Safe Winter Hiking

Crampons for hiking on ice

Great range of crampons at great prices for safe hiking above the bush line. Fast delivery, usually delivered across NZ within 3 days of ordering.

If you are hiking above the bush line then you may need a pair of spikes for crossing ice covered surfaces. However you may not know if you need them until you reach the bush line.

Because of this, packing a pair of spikes is advised. Even if they are a simple pair of mini spikes. Doing this could save you from serious injury if you have to cross icy surfaces.

Our mini spikes weigh only 129 grams so are a backpack essential above the bush line. If you are hiking above the bush line in winter or are planning to hike at high altitudes then you will want to invest in a pair of crampons with spike in them.

Anything under $100 is intended for infrequent use of short crossings across ice. If you know your will be spending a lot of time walking on or climbing up ice then a more substantial pair is needed.


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