Camping Cooking Gear

Vuno have a growing range of space saving camping cooking gear. The idea is to carry less cooking gear and utensils which can do more.

The Vuno little shovel as an example of a space saving camping cooking utensil which is  muti-use with five functions. Instead of doing one thing, it can do five. This saves space in your pack and makes your load lighter.

We also have the Russian Doll cooking set which includes a canteen for drinking. The canteen fits inside a pot which fits inside a stove. This stove is fueled by wood and leaves or whatever else you can collect during your hike. Just another example of how Vuno can save on space and weight making your hike more enjoyable.

Our range of stoves features alcohol, wood and gas fueled options. To see what we have available in each of these ranges select from the below categories.


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  • Egg Holder Protector Container 2 Eggs Blue
  • Vuno Alcohol Stove Cooker Burner Methylated spirits complete
  • Alcohol Stove Set
  • ALOCS Alcohol Stove with Windshield 200 grams
  • Vuno Hot Pot Gripper
  • Backpacking Coffee Maker Plunger Pot
  • Backpacking Stove T7
  • Banana Case Image 1
  • Black Moka Pot 3 Cup Stove Top Coffee Maker 150 mils 237 grams Vuno STECM-3B
  • carabiner camping mug
  • Cutlery Set For Camping
  • Gas Stove Set for Hiking 9 Piece
  • Heat Exchange Cooker Pot and Pan Set Split
  • 8 piece hiking cooking set
  • Lightweight Folding Spatula for Hiking 39 grams
  • Loofah Sponge for Cleaning Dishes main image
  • moka pot 6 cup 300ml stove top mocha espresso maker black colour VHNZ-STEM6C
  • pink-moka-pot-3-cup-stove-top-coffee-maker-150-mil-290-grams
  • Plastic Egg Container for 2 Eggs for Storing Eggs in Backpack