Sleeping Mats

We have a great range of ultralight weight air mattresses and sleeping mats/pads.  Our mattresses are light weight (less than 500g) and pack down to a small size. Vuno ultralight weight inflatable air mattresses are quick and easy to inflate and deflate. The inflation valve is conveniently located at the top of the mattress. This means the comfort level can be easily adjusted at night to ensure a good nights sleep.

Tips on Selecting Sleeping Mats

  • When choosing a sleeping mat/pad measure your tent first to ensure it fits.
  • Some air mattresses will fit in your sleeping bag.  This will keep you warmer and help keep you on your air mattress while sleeping.

Staying Warm at Night

Remember the saying ‘one layer underneath is equivalent to two layers on top’?

  • The higher of the ground the warmer you will be and also the higher the comfort level.
  • If you want extra insulation from the ground during the colder season then sleeping mats/pads are the way to go. This because they are made from denser materials. For extra comfort and warmth use both a mattress and mat together.

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