Sleeping Mats

Ultralight sleeping mats are essential for multi-day hikers. Vuno’s range offers comfort without the extra weight. Our mats weigh as little as 354 grams. This is significantly lighter than many air beds. Despite being lightweight, they don’t compromise on comfort. These mats ensure a restful sleep after a long days hike.

Their compact design is a major advantage. These sleeping pads pack down to an ultra-small size. This saves valuable backpack space for other essentials. They’re not just for tent camping; they’re versatile. Use them in huts for extra comfort on firm mattresses. They’re handy when huts are full and bunks are unavailable.

Tested on New Zealand’s Great Walks, these sleeping mats are suitable for various conditions. Whether on the Routeburn or Milford Track, they can be used to make your next NZ hike more enjoyable. Vuno’s Ultralight sleeping pads are more than gear; they’re key for a rejuvenating adventure. Discover our great value range of sleeping mats for an easier more enjoyable hike.

Make your next hike easier with a Vuno Ultralight sleeping pad!

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  • air mattress for hiking widesea rapid pack 450 vuno RAPIDPACK-450-O
  • Black Back Ultralight Air Mattress only 450 grams
  • green sleeping mat vuno rapid pack inflatable air mattress sleeping pad main image
  • Lightweight Sleeping Mattress Vuno Duo-flate 545 grams VDF545-LB
  • widesea beacon 650 self inflating air mattress yellow colour WS-SM650Y
  • Sale! Self Inflating Camping Pad EasyFlyte EF670
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    Self Inflating Camping
    Pad EasyFlyte
    670 grams

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  • Ultralight Sleeping Pad Vuno Duo-flate 540 grams VDF540-G
  • Lightweight Air Mattress Blue Anti Roll-Off with Bag
  • Ultralight Air Mattress Orange Anti Roll Off
  • ZIGGLER Ergonomic Lightweight Mattress Army Green
  • Camping Pad Purple
  • sleeping mat army green
  • Sleeping Mat Orange
  • hiking sleeping mat blue colour