Tramping Packs

ultralight tramping pack with sleeping mat vuno hiking nz 2023

Starting with the backpack itself is key to reducing pack weight. Our tramping packs, crafted from ultralight materials, embrace a minimalist design approach. Vuno Hiking, based in New Zealand, specializes in ultralight hiking gear, focusing on multi-day hiking packs that are both lightweight and minimalistic.

Some of our packs are frameless, foregoing an internal frame. Instead, they cleverly use items like a sleeping mat to serve as a makeshift frame, further reducing the pack’s weight. Designed for the challenges of multi-day hikes, these packs are not only durable but also feature elements for comfort. These include padded shoulder straps, a hip belt, and a ventilation system, ensuring comfort even when fully loaded.

If you’re in search of an ultralight pack for multi-day hikes, our tramping packs are an excellent choice. They offer the perfect blend of lightness, durability, and comfort. With features tailored for extended hikes, these packs help reduce overall weight, making your multi-day adventures easier and more enjoyable. You can confidently explore the outdoors with these packs, assured of their reliability and comfort.

Our tramping packs, available locally, are typically delivered within 2 to 3 working days, ensuring you’re quickly ready for your next hiking adventure.

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  • 3F UL Backpack 56L Ultralight Blue Only 900 grams
  • Ultralight Hiking Backpack 56L with Sleeping Pad 845 grams
  • ultralight-weight-framed-backpack-nhbp65g-ul-605l-1-25-kg