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Downex-800 Plus
Down Sleeping Bag
-5 ~ 0°c 1399 grams

The Vuno Downex 800 Plus is a 0 Degree Down Sleeping Bag which is a great choice for campers who want a warm and comfortable sleeping bag that is also lightweight and packable. It is rated to -5 to 5°C, making it suitable for winter and autumn camping in New Zealand. The sleeping bag is made from high-quality materials, including soft goose down and tear and water resistant 20D Nylon making it both warm and compressible. It also features a  draft collar and a roomy box shaped foot area.

0 Degree Down Sleeping Bag Features:

  • Water-resistant fabric
  • Draft collar
  • Dual YKK zips
  • Boxed foot area
  • Compression sack


  • Durable and weather-resistant
  • Zipper drafts are blocked with collar
  • Breathable and warm
  • Roomy foot area for extra comfort
  • Can be packed down to a small size


The Downex 800 Plus is loaded full of features which makes it one of the best down sleeping bags around. It uses a combination of vertical and horizontal baffles to help ensure the down is positioned to generate maximum loft.

This lofting out creates pockets of warmth which rise to up to a massive 12 cm high. This puffy-ness is generated by the goose down which lines the pockets and expands pushing the shell sides apart. Warm air is then held between these layers keeping you warm.

12cm loft height shown of orange downex 800

Another important feature of these down sleeping bags is the build in draft tubes. These tubes line the inside of the sleeping bags zipper and block cold drafts from entering the bag. As well as keeping the draft out the also add a soft padded layer between you and the zip. The result is a more comfortable sleep.

Draft Tubes orange d800

To ensure smooth entry and exit from the sleeping bag high quality YKK zippers are fitted. There are two zippers so should you get a little too warm at night then  either zipper can be opened.

photo of orange downex 800 showing dual zippers

At the foot end of the sleeping bag you will find a square shaped foot area. This foot area gives you more room in the bag. Because of this the sleeping bag will not be squeezed. This squeezing can flatten the down reducing the warmth of the sleeping bag. The result is warmer feet.

orange downex800 boxed foot area for extra room

0 Degree Down Sleeping Bag Specifications

    • Model: CD800O.
    • Recommended temperature range: -5 to 0 °C
    • Shell fabric: Tear and water resistant 20D Nylon.
    • Zipper type: YKK.
    • Down filling: 80% white goose down.
    • Fill power: 850 FP.
    • Packed weight: 1399 grams +/- 5%.
    • Filling weight: 800 grams.
    • Useable size: 210 x 80 x 50 cm +/- 5%.
    • Packed size: 32 x 22 cm +/- 5%.
    • Please note zipper side is random. If a specific side is required please ask first.

Ensure you use a sleeping bag liner to reduce the need for cleaning. A sleeping bag liner will also keep you warmer as it ads another layer of protection.

Tips on Use

When you first get your sleeping bag remove it from it’s compression bag. These sleeping bags have been stored in their bags for a while so will appear flat and crumpled when you first see it.

Air it out in a warm area and shake it occasionally for a few days, this will help restore the bags loft and remove any residual smell from production. We advise doing the same a few days before it’s use and that it is unpacked as soon as you reach your hut or campsite. Down sleeping bags need time to loft out, the more they loft out the warmer they will be when used.

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