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3F UL Gear
Lanshan 1 Pro Tent
Only 860 Grams!

The 3F UL Gear Lanshan 1 Pro tent has to be the lightest one person tent available weighing only 860 grams! It is a pole-less hiking tent which requires one hiking pole to set it up. By using your hiking pole as the tents pole this significantly reduces the overall weight of your tent.

These tents are a single layer tent. Their design allows for the tent to be put up in pouring rain while keeping the inside dry.

Please note these amazing ultralightweight tents can be a little tricky to set up. Before using for the first time we recommend having a couple of trial setups first until you find it easy. See the video below to see how these tents are set up.

How to set up the 3F UL Lanshan 1 Pro tent video preview

The tent is made from 20D double silicon fabric. This fabric is not only ultralight weight it is waterproof up to 2000 mm. With this fabric and the shape of the tent water sheets off the tent quickly keeping you dry even on the wettest of nights.

The tents inner door is made from 20D nylon breathable mesh which vents the tent without letting the mosquito’s in.

20D Double silicon fabric sheets of water quickly

Not only are these tents super light they are also very spacious for a 1 person hiking tent. This is due to the shape and side entrance which creates a triangular space for storing your backpack.

1 person tent with plenty of room inside for your pack

3F UL Gear Lanshan 1 Pro Tent Specifications

  • Tent design type: Single layer pole-less hiking tent.
  • Seasons: 3 Season.
  • Outer fabric: 20D Double silicon with a 2000mm waterproof index.
  • Inner door fabric: 20D nylon breathable gauze.
  • Bottom layer fabric: 20D silicon waterproof nylon with a 5000mm waterproof index.
  • Tent dimensions: 230 (L) x 20 + 90 + 70 (W) x 125 (H).
  • Packed size: 34 x 15 cm.
  • Net weight: 860 grams (Please note weights advertised elsewhere do not include the ropes and pegs).

** Please note we do not recommend using these tents in severe weather conditions, in particular where strong winds are present. We encourage you to check your weather forecast before embarking on your camping adventures. If you are intending to camp in severe weather a heavier more durable tent should be used.


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