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3F UL Lanshan 1
Flames Creed Tent
only 965 grams

The 3F UL Lanshan 1 Flames Creed tent is a high quality ultralight hiking tent from one of Asia’s leading manufacturers of tents. It is made from quality components with workmanship as flawless as it gets.

What Makes These Tents so Light?

The most important feature of these ultralight hiking tents is their light weight. This is possible due to the use of ultralight weight materials and the absence of a conventional tent pole.

Protecting you from the elements is the flysheet. This fly sheet is made from 15D single side coated silicon nylon fabric. This fabric is not only extremely  lightweight it is also tear resistant and has a water index of 5000 mm.

Outer tent fabric 15D Customer single sided coated silicon fabric

Keeping you dry underneath is the tents floor. The bottom of the ten is made from 20D light silicon tear resistant nylon. Because the bottom of the tent can end up in a puddle the waterproof index of the floor is higher than the flysheet. The waterproof index of the tents floor is 8000mm.

Please note although the floor of these tents is tearproof it is nowhere near as tough as regular weighted tents. Because of this we recommend using a ground sheet also..

Bottom tent fabric 20D light silicone waterproof nylon

As well as the ultralight weight fabric these tents have been designed to use your hiking pole to put them up. This design saves on having to carry additional poles when you already carry something which can be used as the tents pole. Alternatively to using a hiking pole the tent can be tied to a close by tree or a smooth branch can be used.

Hiking pole used as tents pole

What Else Makes These Tents so Amazing?

Not only does this tent use siliconized waterproof fabrics, it also has taped seams. The seams are all taped with silicone tape to ensure no water gets in during heavy rain.

Sliconized seams

Unlike some of the lower priced ultralight weight tents available in the market these tents are reinforced where needed. Reinforcement is added to all the tents crucial anchor points to ensure tent holds up in extreme weather.

Anchor points reinforced

These tents are dual layer tents, this means the inside layer can be used on it’s own. This is particularly useful on hot summer days as it allows the wind to drift through the tent. The inner tent is made from 20D fine breathable mesh which will block out mosquito’s and sandflies.

Because the inner tent can be used on it’s own you can also use it to fall asleep at night watching the stars on warm summer nights.

3F UL Lanshan 1 Tent Inner

Furthermore if the weather turns at night the flysheet can easily be removed or attached from the inner tent. This is particularly useful if it starts raining or just too hot to sleep.

Flysheet can be detached and attached easily

These tents may be one person tents but they are roomier than most single person hiking tents. The have a unique shape which gives more width near the center of the tent for additional items you may need during the night.

Unique shape providing extra space


3F UL Lanshan 1 Tent Specifications

  • Brand: 3F UL Gear
  • Model Number: 3FULL1 Flames Creed.
  • Layers: 2.
  • Type: Pole-less hiking tent.
  • Number of seasons: 3.
  • Bottom tent fabric: 20D light silicone waterproof nylon.
  • Bottom waterproof index: 8000mm.
  • Inner tent fabric: 20D Fine nylon breathable mesh.
  • Outer tent fabric: 15D Customer single sided coated silicon fabric.
  • Flysheet waterproof index: 5000mm.
  • Dimensions: 210(L) x 75+20(W) x 125(H) cm.
  • Packed dimensions:¬† Approximately 30 x 17 x 13 cm.
  • Weight: 965 grams +/- 5%.

*** Hiking pole not included **

3F UL Lanshan 1 Tent Dimensions

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