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600 Down Sleeping Bag
Lightweight Orange
1150g | 0 ~ 10°c

This 600 down sleeping bag is a high quality lightweight sleeping bag suitable for New Zealand spring, summer and autumn. It weighs only 1150 grams and packs down to a relatively small size.

It is a duck down lightweight sleeping bag with excellent weight to temperature ratio. This sleeping bag will lighten your load and take up less room-in your backpack. Most importantly it will keep you warm and comfortable during those cold night.

Cadeno Duck Down Sleeping Bags Youtube Video Preview

600 Down Sleeping Bag Specifications:

    • Brand: Cadeno.
    • Model: CD600O.
    • Shape: Mummy
    • Total Weight: 1150 g (+/- 5%)
    • Packed Size: 19 x 19 x 22 cm
    • Usable Size: 210 x 80 x 50 cm
    • Season: Spring/Autumn/Summer
    • Fabric: 400T 20D ultra flexible water resistant breathable nylon
    • Filling: White Duck Down 80%
    • Filling Weight: 600 g
    • Comfort Temperature: 0 to 10°c
    • Extreme Temperature: -5°c
    • Colours Available: Orange.
    • Stuff sack included.
    • Zipper: Dual YKK
    • Size: LARGE

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Ensure you use a sleeping bag liner to reduce the need for cleaning. A sleeping bag liner will also keep you warmer as it ads another layer of protection.

Important Notes

When you receive your sleeping bag it will be relatively flat and may still have some factory smell. This is typical of down sleeping bags as they have been stored for a while in their compression bags. To return the loft and remove any residual smell you will need to shake out the bag a few times and leave for a few days to loft out.

It is also recommended to do the same several days before use. Also ensure when you arrive at your campsite or hut you take out your sleeping bag and give it time to loft out. By doing this you will allow the sleeping bag to achieve maximum loft before use. The bigger the loft the warmer the sleeping bag will be.

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