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70L Dry Bag Pack
Liner High Visibility
Green 138 grams

Keep the contents of your backpack dry with this 70L Dry Bag which can also be used as a floatation device. When sealed the dry sack will add buoyancy to your backpack which could save your life should a risking river crossing go wrong.

The fabric of the bag is made from high visibility 210T Titaf which can be used to alert search and rescue should you need some help. These 2 added survival features make this bag a backpack essential when wet weather is expected.

add buoyancy to your backpack

How to Use 70L Dry Bag

Put dry bag inside your backpack and fill with items which need to remain dry. One done role the handle over at least 3 times to stop water from leaking in and maintain an air seal.

70L Pack Liner Instructions steps 1 and 2

Once the bag has had the handle rolled a sufficient number of times bring both ends of the handle together and fasten them together. For added protection from the rain we still recommend the use of a backpack rain cover. Packing items which can get wet on top of the dry sack will add further protection from the rain such as your tent. If heavy rain is forecast constantly then a plastic pack liner is also recommended to enclose all pack items.

Steps 3 and 4

High Visibility Dry Sack Specifications

  • Fabric: 210T Titaf.
  • Colours available: High visibility green (orange is also available, please see our other listings).
  • Waterproof coefficient: 5,000mm.
  • Capacity 70L.
  • Flattened size: 72 x 60 cm.
  • Loaded size: Approximately 63 x 34 cm.
  • 70L Dry Bag Dimensions
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