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Aegismax AM-N2L Ultra
Dry Sleeping Bag
800 grams 0 to 5°C

The Aegismax AM-N2L sleeping bag is one of the best goose down sleeping bags available. It is loaded with tech to keep you warm and dry quicker than standard goose down sleeping bags. It is ultralight weight and is filled with Ultradry down which keeps you warmer for longer.

ultradry goosedown filling

Filled with 800FP Ultra Dry goose down which will keep you warmer faster and for longer. Traditional goose down can take a while to loft out fully and when it is wet it will fail to loft out at all. Ultra Dry down on the other hand will loft out quicker and continue to keep you warm after it becomes damp.

ultradry down aegismax nano2

Made from iFlex DWR Nylon and Soft Touch Nylon for durability and comfort. This amazing sleeping bag uses two different fabrics to shell the Ultra Dry Goose Down. The outside fabric is made from iFlex DWR Nylon which is water resistant with excellent air permeability . For the inside the fabric oft Touch Nylon is used which is soft and comfortable on your skin.

structure of sleeping bag

Aegismax AM-N2L Specifications

  • Model : AM-N2L.
  • Brand: Aegismax.
  • Colour: Blue.
  • Shape: Hoodless mummy style.
  • Type: Ultralight weight ultra dry sleeping bag.
  • Recommended seasons: 4 seasons (depending on use).
  • Outside fabric: iFlex 15D nylon.
  • Inside fabric: iFlex 15DSoft touch nylon.
  • Water resistant fabric.
  • Filling type: 95% Ultra Dry white goose down.
  • Fill power: 800FP.
  • Filling weight: 400 grams.
  • Comfort temperature: 5°C.
  • Lower limit: 0°C.
  • Extreme: -15°C.
  • Net weight 800 grams (in compression bag) +/- 5%.
  • Stuff sack included.
  • Storage bag included (for storing when not in use).
  • Sleeping bag size: Large 200 x 86 cm.
  • Compressed bag size: Approx. 27 x 16 cm.

Tips On Using Ultra Dry Down Sleeping Bags

When you first receive your new Aegismax sleeping bag leave it out to air for a few days. Ultra Dry down will loft out faster than most goose down sleeping bags however it will still need time to restore it’s loft. This is because these sleeping bags have been stored in their stuff bags for a while.

Also when you reach your destination unpack your sleeping bag as soon as you can so it can loft to it’s maximum before use. Also when storing your Aegismax sleeping bag it is recommended to use the supplied larger storage bag instead of the stuff sack. The stuff bag should only be used when tramping.

It is also recommended to use a sleeping bag liner. A sleeping bag liner will not only keep you goose down sleeping bag clean on the inside it will also add a couple of degrees while sleeping. This is also useful for when staying in huts which often start out cold then heat up then go cold again. When it gets too hot undo the side zip to let out the hot air.

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