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Aegismax G1
Sleeping Bag
-2~3°C Only 778 grams

The Aegismax G1 sleeping bag is an ultralight weight sleeping bag which packs down to an ultra small size. It will not only save on valuable backpack space but also reduce your load on those muli-day hikes.

What makes the G1 so light?

These ultralight sleeping bags are filled with 95% white goose down. This filling lofts out creating pockets of warmth which also compact down allowing the sleeping bag to pack down to an ultra small size.

95% Goose down

Another thing which makes these bags so lightweight is the fabric which houses the goose down. The fabric used on the outside of these amazing sleeping bags is iFLex 15D nylon. On the inside soft high density down proof weave is used. This fabric is soft and feels nice on the skin while the outside layer is a more durable waterproof fabric.

15D Nylon Waterproof Fabric

What else makes these sleeping bags so good?

An important feature of an ultralight sleeping bag is it’s ability to have an even spread of down filling. The Aegismax G1 has multiple compartments which trap the down in creating multiple pockets of warm. The 3D side walls are stitched to ensure there is an even spread of down on the sides, top and bottom to keep warm all over.

Aegismax G1 Sleeping Bag Exploded Features

These sleeping bags are full mummy sleeping bags. This type of design best encapsulates your bodies heat inside the bag. You can use the hoods toggle to tighten the sleeping bag to your head when it is cold or alternatively fully open the hood to let the hot air escape should you feel too warm.

Toggle for closing hood of Aegismax G1 sleeping bag

Another great feature of these ultralight full mummy sleeping bags is the dual YKK zipper. This is a high quality reliable zipper which can be used from the inside of the sleeping bag.

Dual YKK Zipper

Should you get too warm at night, each zipper can be opened to adjust the temperature of the bag as required. This is a particularly useful feature to have if your feet either get too warm or too cold at night.

Zipper opened at foot end of Aegismax G1

Aegismax G1 Specifications

  • Filling: 95% goose down.
  • Fill Power : 800FP.
  • Comfort temperature rating: 3°C.
  • Lower temperature limit: -2°C.
  • Extreme temperature:
  • Filling weight: 400 grams.
  • Gross weight 778 grams.
  • Approximate compressed size: 15 x 35 cm.
  • Sleeping bag size: 82 x 216 cm.
  • Outer fabric: iFlex 15D Nylon with DWR high density down proof weave.
  • Inner fabric: iFlex 15D Nylon with soft high density down proof weave.
  • Baffle type: Offset plus side block baffle design.
  • Shell: Differential cut shell with 3D side walls.
  • YKK: zipper.
  • Model: AMG1L.

Tips On Using Your Goose Down Aegismax G1 Sleeping Bag

  • Do not wash your sleeping bag or get it wet unless you have to. Washing down sleeping bags reduces the loft and warm of the sleeping bag because the down will get stuff together. If you have to wash it please google the best method to do so.
  • Use a sleeping bag liner. This will reduce the need to have your sleeping bag washed, simply wash the liner instead. This will not only keep your sleeping bag clean, it will also make it last longer.
  • When you first receive your new sleeping bag it will appear a bit flat. This is because it has been compressed in storage for some time. Leave it out for a few days, up to a week and shake it out occasionally. Doing this will restore the downs loft and smooth out a lot of the outer fabrics wrinkles.
  • When not using your sleeping bag store it in the larger storage bag which comes with the Aegismax G1 sleeping bag.
  • Once you arrive at your campsite of hut remove your sleeping bag from the stuff bag and leave it out for as long as possible. This will ensure the sleeping bag reaches maximum loft and warmth.
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