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Aegismax M2 Ultralight
Sleeping Bag 749 grams
2 to 7°C

Want to keep thing ultralight weight on the track. The Aegismax M2 ultralight sleeping bag weighs only 749 grams and packs down to only 20 x 17 cm. For the temperature scale of the sleeping bag this is both incredibly small and incredibly light.

Because of this you will not only have a lighter backpack which will make you hike easier but more room for other gear.

Aegismax M2 Specifications

  • Model number: M2.
  • Brand: Aegismax.
  • Colour: Blue.
  • Shape: Mummy.
  • Type: Ultralight weight.
  • Inside fabric: iFlEX® 5100 20D Nylon.
  • Outside fabric: iFlEX ® 5500 20D Nylon.
  • Filling type: 95% White goose down.
  • Filling weight: 420 grams.
  • Comfort: 7°C.
  • Lower limit: 2°C.
  • Net weight 749 grams (in compression bag).
  • Stuff sack included.
  • Sleeping bag size: 200 x 86 cm.
  • Compressed bag size: Approx. 20 x 17 cm.

Tips On Use

Keep your ultralight sleeping bag dry, wet down just doesn’t work. This is because when damp or wet it down can not loft out, it’s this loft that makes it possible for the sleeping bag to trap heat inside the baffles.

Air your bag out for a few days and shake it out occasionally when you first get it, this will help restore some of the sleeping bags loft. These sleeping bags like most new down sleeping bags have been in storage inside the compression sack for some time. When you first take your bag out of the compression sack it will be flat with hardly any loft. Airing it out will also help remove any residual smell from production.

Also when not in use store it in the supplied large storage bag and not in the compression bag. This will help reach and maintain maximum loft and warm for future use. It is also good practice to take your down sleeping bag out as soon as you reach your campsite or hut. This will give it time to reach maximum loft.

Aegismax M2 sleeping bags extra foot space
Aegismax M2 sleeping bags extra foot space.
High quality YKK zipper
High quality YKK zipper.
M2 Sleeping bag top section wide shoulder space
M2 Sleeping bag top section wide shoulder space.
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