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Aegismax Mini Sleeping
Bag Long Only 560
grams 6 ~ 11°C

If you want to save space in your tramping pack and reduce weight then the Aegismax mini sleeping bag is the answer. It weighs only 560 grams and packs down to only 19 x 13 cm. These characteristics make these sleeping bags perfect for  when you are hiking for multiple days or bikepacking.

What Makes These Sleeping Makes so Light

To start with the Aegismax mini sleeping bag is filled using 95% white goose down. This type of filling is not only incredibly lightweight it is also extremely warm for it’s weight. It works by lofting out creating pockets of warmth.

Inside filling 95% fluffy 800 FP white goose down

As well as using ultralight filling the Aegismax M500 also uses ultralight fabrics to house the white goose down in. The outside fabric is made from iFlex 5500 20D nylon which is not only an ultralight fabric it is also a waterproof fabric.  It is worth noting that sleeping bags are not waterproof as water can still leak in through the stitching. If you are using a sleeping bag outside it must be covered unless the weather is clear.

Outside fabric waterproof iFlex 5500 20D Nylon

The inside fabric is soft iFlex 5100 20d nylon, this fabric is soft on your skin. Please note sleeping bags temperature ratings assume the user is wearing one base layer of clothing or using a sleeping bag liner. But should you get too warm in your sleeping bag soft touch fabric is a must.

Soft iFlEX 5100 20D Nylon

The other amazing thing about these ultralight weight sleeping bags is they pack down to an ultralightweight size. To scale with our kiwi classic L & P can of drink you can see just how small they pack down to. This makes these Aegismax sleeping bags perfect for tramping and bikepacking.

Aegismax Mini Long packed down compared to can of L & P Drink

Because of these characteristics the mini is one of the lightest, smallest sleeping bags available with it’s temperature scale. It is suitable for most tramping conditions in New Zealand in spring and summer time.

Aegismax Mini Specifications

  • Brand: Aegismax.
  • Model: Mini Long.
  • Class: Ultralight weight sleeping bag.
  • Shape: Hoodless mummy.
  • Fill power: 800 FP.
  • Filling fabric: 95% White Goose Down.
  • Filling weight: 256 grams.
  • Inner fabric: iFlEX 5100 20D Nylon.
  • Outer fabric: iFlex 5500 20D Nylon.
  • Water resistant fabric.
  • Comfort 11°C.
  • Lower limit: 6°C.
  • Extreme -9°C.
  • Weight: 560 grams.
  • Colour: Black sleeping bag.
  • Size: 200 x 86 cm.
  • Compressed Size: 19 x 13 cm .
  • Packed size uncompressed: 28 x 13.
  • Stuff sack/compression bag included.

Tips on Using this Ultralight Sleeping Bag

Before use leave it to gather air a puff out. When you first use it the sleeping bag it will look flat, this is because it has been stored in it’s compression sack for some time. Air it out for a few days and shake it out occasionally, this will restore the bags puff and reduce any residual factory odors. This is typical of down sleeping bags.

When storing your Aegismax sleeping bag use the large storage bag provided. This will help the sleeping bag stay puffy and reduce the amount of creases in the outer fabric. Only use the compression sack when travelling. When your destination is reached unpack your Aegismax sleeping bag at the earliest opportunity so it can loft out to it’s maximum.

Mesh storage bag

The more puffy a down sleeping bag is the more effective it will be. Also ensure you keep the bag dry as a wet down bag will not function as the down will stick together.


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