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Air Mattress for Hiking
Vuno Rapid Pack
450 grams

The Vuno rapid pack 450 is an air mattress for hiking. It weighs only 450 grams making it perfect for multi-day hikes where keeping your pack weight down is essential. It can be used in our smaller tents to comfortably sleep two people thanks to it’s tampered shaped which contours nicely with our smaller tents.

One of the best things about this mattress is that is is quick to inflate and extremely quick to deflate. This is good news when sleeping in tents where the limited room makes it hard to pack air mattresses away. Not only is this mattress quick and easy to setup and put away it is one of our most comfortable mattresses.

What Makes this Air Mattress for Hiking so Good?

  • The air sprung cells puff out for a comfortable nights sleep making these mattresses one of our most comfortable air mattresses in our range. Not only are they comfortable they are tough with the mattress been made with TPU tear resistant nylon.
  • A one way valve is used for fast inflation. This valve stops any air from releasing while the air mattress is been inflated. This along with the mattress design allows for for full inflation within 10 to 15 breaths.
  • The quick release valve will ensure rapid deflation making it possible to pack the mattress way in less than a minute. As soon at the valve is pulled most of the air is released from the mattress making it quick and easy to pack away.
  • 5 cm height will lift you off the ground providing you with insulation from the cold surface.
  • Mattress surface dimensions are large enough for most people to sleep comfortably on the mattress with any feet overhang. Is also small enough to fit inside some larger sleeping bags to further encapsulate heat.

Vuno Rapid Pack 450 Specifications

  • Model number: RAPIDPACK-450-O.
  • Material: TPU tearproof Nylon.
  • Air mattress weight: 450 grams.
  • Colour: Orange.
  • Inflated Size: 190 x 56 cm tapered down to feet.
  • Mattress height: 5 cm.
  • Packed size: 23 x 7 cm.
  • Number of users: 1 person.
  • Estimated R-Value: 2.2 (not tested, compared to similar air mattresses)

These mattresses are inflated by mouth. We also have dry bags available (not included) which can also be used as mattress inflators as shown below. More information on these can be found here.

Mattress Inflation Bag in Use

For other colours in this range please see our other listings.

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