Aluminum Carabiner Clips
5 cm
6 Pack with Box

These Aluminum carabiner clips are useful for attaching extra gear to the outside of your pack.  They can also be used in setting up tents quickly when attaching tent ropes to trees or other objects. The carabiners are available in multi-coloured packs or silver. A plastic storage container is included with the silver coloured packs.

Aluminum Carabiner Clips Specifications

  • Fast release wire gate fastening method.
  • Durable spring power.
  • Pear shaped design.
  • Aluminum alloy loop.
  • Stainless steel wire.
  • 5 cm long, 2.6 cm wide at top outer, 1.5 cm wide max inner.
  • Gate width 1.5 cm.
Gear attached to backpack with carabiner clip
Can be used to attached gear to the outside of your backpack.
Aluminum carbiner clips used to attach water bottle to backpack
Perfect for accessing most used items quickly.
5 cm Carabiner Clip Dimensions
5 cm Carabiner Clip Dimensions.
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