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Army Green Vuno Puffy
Goose Down Sleeping Bag
-5 ~ 0°c 1350 grams

Introducing the Vuno Puffy Goose Down Sleeping Bag in a striking Army Green. This is Vuno’s premium offering. Moreover, it’s designed to ensure you sleep comfortably even on the coldest nights. watch the video below for more information.

The square baffle design is a standout feature. It holds the down filling firmly in place. As a result, it prevents the down from shifting during sleep. Traditional long baffles often lead to down movement. Consequently, this creates cold spots. However, with this design, cold spots are significantly reduced. Thus, you enjoy consistent warmth throughout the night.

water resistant 400t anti tear nylon fabric

Additionally, the bag boasts top fasteners. These can be adjusted to regulate temperature. So, whether it’s a slightly chilly evening or a freezing night, you’re covered. The rectangular Velcro fasteners come in handy too. Especially when the bag is fully zipped. They ensure the zipper stays in place, even if you toss and turn. And for those extra cold nights? The round Velcro fastener keeps the hood snugly closed.

The bag also features a high-quality dual YKK zipper. This zipper offers flexibility. For instance, if your feet feel warm, you can open it 40cm from the bottom. Conversely, zip it up completely when it’s cold.

Top velcro faster and high quality YKK zipper

Another highlight is the spacious foot area. It’s square-shaped, measuring 28 x 28 cm. This design gives your feet ample room. Furthermore, it minimizes down compression. As a result, the down can loft out optimally. This lofting creates warm pockets, ensuring your feet stay toasty.

Vuno Puffy Goose 28 x 28 cm foot area

Army Green Sleeping Bag Specifications

  • Baffle type: Square baffles.
  • Comfort range: -5 to 0°c.
  • Extreme Temperature: -10°c (for survival only, will not keep you warm at this temperature).
  • Fabric: 400T water resistant breathable anti tear nylon.
  • Filling: 80% white goose down.
  • Down weight: 800 grams.
  • Colour: Army Green
  • Sleeping bag weight: 1313 grams +/- 5 %.
  • Net weight (inside stuff bag): 1350 grams +/- 5%.
  • Size: 210 x 80.
  • Foot area size: 28 x 28 cm.
  • Packed size: 22 x 22 x 33 cm.
  • Compressed size: 20 x 20 x 27 cm.
  • Model number: VPG-AG800.

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