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Backpack Strap Clip
with Flexible Bungee
Straps Quick Release

Handy backpack strap clip for attaching devices to your backpack. The bungee cord is flexible so the clip can be expanded to hold large devices.

The cord expands enough to hold sleeping mats and ultralight weight hiking tents to the outside of your pack. This makes these clips perfect for when there isn’t enough space inside to hold all your gear.

Backpack Strap Clip Specifications

  • Model number: BPC10.
  • Brand: Vuno.
  • Material: Plastic and elastic nylon.
  • Maximum strap attachment width: 2.6 cm.
  • Bungee cord length: 15 cm (un-stretched).
  • Clip dimensions: 5.5  (w) x 3.9 (h)  x 2.5 cm (d).
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