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Backpacking Towel
Ultralight Microfiber
Only 108 grams

Not sure whether or not you will need to pack a towel? Our backpacking towel is ultralight weight weighing only 108 grams! Not only is it extremely light it also packs down to an ultra small size.  Because of this packing this microfiber towel into your backpack becomes a no brainer.

Perfect for drying off after  a wet hike or taking a dip in a lake or river to wash up at the end of a long days hike.  This microfibre towel is super absorbent and can soak up to 4 times it’s weight in water and is fast drying.

It is skin friendly and anti-bacterial with a smooth suede finish which feels soft and comfortable on your skin.

If you also need a lightweight soap alternative we sell soap flakes which weigh only 15 grams for a pack of 50.

ultralight microfibre towel for hiking

Backpacking Towel MFT101G Specifications

  • Model number: MFT101G.
  • Brand: FireLion.
  • Colour: Green.
  • Material: Polyester/cotton.
  • Microfiber towel size: 50.8 x 101.6 cm.
  • Microfibre towel weight: 108 grams.
  • Packed weight: 117 grams (in included storage bag)

Tips on using Microfiber Towels

Because these towels are much smaller than regular towel they need to be used a little differently. Before using the towel wick away as much water from your body with your cans. Then pat your body down with the microfibre towel rather than rub you body with it. This will ensure maximum drying and make using such a small lightweight towel possible to dry your body.


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