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Bivvy Bag Tent with Hoops
Vuno AUSTERE 770 Hiking
and Hunting 770 gram

The Vuno Austere bivvy bag tent is all you need for hiking alone when want to keep things super light. It will help reduce your pack weight and free up valuable space.

The Vuno Austere weighs only 770 g and packs down to 43 x 11 cm.

What Makes this Bivy Bag so Good?

Unlike some of the bivy’s on the market the Vuno Austere includes hoops for both ends of the bag.  These hoops maximize the room inside the bag and maintain the shape of the bivvy helping water sheet away quickly.

Bivy Bag Hoops Included
Bivy Bag Hoops Included

The bottom is made from waterproof 210D oxford cloth to keep you dry at night. The bottom layer of any tent needs to be well waterproofed as often you can find yourself waking up in a puddle on hilly terrain.

Bottom of bivvy made from 210D oxford cloth

The top is of the bivy tent is made from water resistant polyester fiber. Due to the shape of the bivy any water will run off down the sides keeping you dry at night.

Water resistant polyester fibre

To ensure you stay dry at night when weather conditions are not ideal, all the seams are taped with silicon tape. This ensures water doesn’t sneak through the seams of the bivy bag. Fabric is stitched together with quality stitching to ensure long term durability.

Wtaerproofed seams and quality stitching

For extra breathability and effective reduction of condensation, the outside door of the bivy can be left open. Under this layer is another door made from yarn mesh which will keep out insects.

Yarn mesh for breathability

We recommend our Superlight ultralight air mattress (not included) for use with this bivy as pictured.

Bivvy Bag Tent Specifications

  • Bottom Layer: 210D oxford cloth.
  • Top Layer: Polyester fiber.
  • Waterproof index: 1000 -1500 mm.
  • Weight: 770 g +/- 5%.
  • Size: 220 x 90 x 50 cm.
  • Packed Size: 43 x 11 cm.

Contents: Bivy, storage bag, 4 strings, 8 pegs, 2 hoops ** mattress not included **

Includes tent pegs and rope

Includes tent pegs and rope.Bivy bags are great for when you are hiking multi day hikes alone and want to keep your pack weight down.

They also come in handy if you get tired or have an emergency before reaching your campsite. This is because they have a small footprint so in most situations you will be able to find enough flat ground to use the bivy tent.

Another great thing about bivy tent’s is they can easily be put up while it is raining without the inside getting wet. They can also be put up in windy conditions relatively quickly and easily.

Tip for Using Bivvy Bags

When using any bivvy bag we recommend using an ultralight weight groundsheet above it. All bivvy bags will get wet on the inside when the outside of the fabric gets too wet. This is due to the inevitable condensation build up.

The Vuno Austere bivvy bag tent is also available with the Vuno Rapid Pack air mattress. Buy them together and save!!

Vuno Austere Bivvy Bag Tent with Hoops plus Ultralight Rapid Pack Mattress

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