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BPA Free Water Bottle
Black Colour

These BPA free water bottles are perfect for taking on day hikes, cycling or for your desk. Most day hikes require a water intake of up to 1L during the hike. For multi day hikes simply top up before leaving and refill when you reach your destination.

They fit nicely in most backpacks side pockets for quick and easy access through out the day. If you are wanting to store inside your pack then don’t worry these drink bottles have 360 degree leakproof lids.

360 degree leakproof lid


If you are worried about effects of drinking bottles these bottles are made without BPA . Because of this according to various research done drinking from these drink bottles is safe compared to plastic bottles with BPA.

For information on BPA and potential health effects click here.

These bottles have a usable temperature range of between -20 and 100°c. Because of this these bottles can be used when you need to boil water for purification. Waters boiling point is 100°c so water can be poured into the bottle almost straight away. We do recommend leaving the water for 5 minutes to cool down slightly. This will save time over using water bladders as hydration bladders can not hold hot water.tea filter

Included inside the bottle is a tea filter which can be used to make tea inside the bottle. This is great news when camping on cold nights and makes these water bottles multi use saving room in your pack.

1L BPA Free Water Bottle Specifications

  • Capacity: 1L | 1000ml.
  • Material: Food grade plastic.
  • Temperature range: -20 to 100°c.
  • Dimensions: 78 mm x 286.6 mm.
  • GTIN: 6955482330388.
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