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BPA Free Water Bottle
Blue Colour
560 ml

BPA free water bottle with a lockable leak proof lid. Perfect for quick day hikes or as your quick access water bottle on the side of your tramping pack.

Because these water bottles have leak proof lids they are also perfect for using in children’s school bags. If you are worried about the potential health effects of those cheaper water bottles then there is no need to worry because these drink bottles are BPA free.

These drink bottles have flip top lids which not only make accessing water quick and easy they also have secure leak proof valves. These valves seal in the water removing the chance of having water leak through when not in use.

Non leak lockable lid

The lockable lid makes these water bottles perfect for storing inside of backpacks and other bags. Just clip on the latch on the side of the lid to seal the valves. No chance of the lid accidently coming off and leaking water.

Lid lock

What a couple customers say about these amazing water bottles.

BPA Free Water Bottle Review1

BPA Free Water Bottle Review2

BPA Free Water Bottle Specifications

  • Drink bottle capacity: 560 ml.
  • Material: PC BPA free plastic.
  • Weight: 110 grams.
  • Bottle dimensions: 23x 6 cm.

Summary of Why BPA is Thought to be Bad for Us.

BPA is thought to copy the function and structure of the hormone estrogen. Because of this BPA can attach itself to estrogen receptors influencing bodily processes such as growth, cell repair, fetal development, energy levels and reproduction.

Information on BPA and potential health effects.

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