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Camo Hat for
Hiking Hunting
Size 60 HHB102

Camo hat with a sewn in drawstring perfect for hiking, hunting, fishing or play war games. The drawstring is a must when using the hat outside in windy conditions. It is also useful for hanging it around your neck when things get a bit warm.

They are loaded with small features which make hat wearing easier and more pleasurable. As well as have lots of little features the hat is made from camouflage fabric. Because of this these hats are prefect for when you need to blend into the bush. This makes them suitable for hunting, hiking and playing paintball.

Vuno Black HIking Fishing Hat Video Preview

On each side of the hat there is a dome. These domes don’t just make the hat look amazing they can also be used t clip the sides of the hat up.  This not only changes the look of the hat it also reduces wind flapping the sides up and down.

side shot of bucket hat showing vents

If you want to use the hat for fishing you can. It has a webbing which runs around the circumference of the hat. This webbing can be used to hold small things like fishing tackle or even your sunglasses.

As well as having the drawstring for hanging the hat around your neck it also has side vents. There are two side vents on each side of the hat. These side vents allow for hot air to escape from the inside of the hat. This aids when hiking up step hills where things have a tendency to get a bit warm.

Camo Hat HHB102 Specifications

  • Head circumference: 60 cm.
  • Width of shade ring: 6.5 cm.
  • Hat height: 8.5 cm.
  • Size: 60.
  • Colour: Camouflage.
  • Brand: Vuno.
  • Model number: HHB102.

We have other colours available in our range. Please see our other listings to see what else is available.

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