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8D - CD1200O Down Sleeping Bag
Orange Colour
1740 grams | -15 to -5°c

The CD1200O down sleeping bag is filled to 1200 grams weighing only 1740 grams will keep you warm without weighing you down. Perfect for most New Zealand winter conditions or camping at extreme altitudes.

Cadeno Duck Down Sleeping Bags Youtube Video Preview

It is available in red or if you don’t mind waiting up to 60 days we can order other colours in for you. Have a look at our CD series sleeping bag page to see full range of colours available.

CD1200O Specifications:

    • Model: CD1200O.
    • Shape: Mummy.
    • Total Weight: 1740 g (+/- 5%).
    • Packed Size: 25 x 25 x 28 cm.
    • Usable Size: 210 x 80 x 50 cm.
    • Season: Winter (High Altitude).
    • Fabric: 400T 20D ultra flexible water resistant breathable nylon.
    • Filling: White Duck Down 80%.
    • Filling Weight: 1200 g.
    • Comfort Temperature: -15 to -5°c.
    • Extreme Temperature: -20°c.
    • Stuff sack included.
    • Zipper side: Random (If your require s specific side please ask first).
    • Colour: : Orange (other colours available, please see our other listings)
    • Zipper: Dual YKK.
    • Size: LARGE.

We have more CD series down sleeping bags available in this range. To see more click on the below banner.

_For More Cadeno Down Sleeping Bags

Ensure you use a sleeping bag liner to reduce the need for cleaning. A sleeping bag liner will also keep you warmer as it ads another layer of protection.

Tips On Using Down Sleeping Bags

It is best not to store down sleeping bags compressed in their stuff sacks. If you do then it is recommended to remove the sleeping bag from the compression bag a few days before use to air it out and restore the loft. Shaking it every now and then will also help to puff it up and break up the down inside the baffles.

Doing this when you first get the sleeping bag is also recommended as these bags have been in storage for a while so will be flat when you first see it.

We also recommend removing your sleeping bag from the stuff bag as soon as you reach your campsite or hut. This will allow maximum time for the sleeping bag to loft out to it’s maximum capacity. The bigger the loft, the bigger the warmth.

When using sleeping bags in the winter keeping the dry is a priority, wet down will not work and you will likely freeze if your sleeping bag gets wet. They are made out off waterproof fabric however water can still get in via the stitching as with most sleeping bags.

Before entering your sleeping bag on really cold days job on the spot to warm up your body. The sleeping bag will trap this warmth in and keep you warm. Also if you wake up feeling cold job on the spot until you are warm. This will help get the maximum warmth from the down sleeping bag.

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