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Down Backpacking Quilt
only 817 grams

The Vuno Zefaback ZB300BK is a down backpacking quilt which can be used as a quilt or poncho when needing to travel light. It can be used as  poncho at night before settling down to sleep or as a bed quilt. This versatility is great when you have limited room in your backpack.

They are also great for when you need to leave the warmth of your sleeping bag in the middle of the night. Particularly on a cold and windy night.

down backpacking quilt filled with 90% white goose down filling

Instead of taking a sleeping bag and a down jacket you can take just one quilt. Because of this you can save room in your backpack while reducing your overall carry weight. Filled with 90% white goose down it can pack down to a small size. In fact it can compress down to half of the regular packed size of 33 x 16 cm.

water resistant 20D400T Nylon fabric

The outer material of the quilt is made from water resistant 20D 400T nylon fabric. This means you can also use the quilt as a poncho outside under light showers without worrying about it getting soaked through. And unlike some down products because of the baffle design these quilts are machine washable. This means even if it does get soaked through it will not get ruined.

increased visibility at night

If you are worried about been seen at night when using as a down poncho, don’t be. The Zefaback quilt has a reflective logo and reflective rope which reflects light making the black surface visible at night. This feature is particularly useful when used by children.

hand pockets

When using these quilts as ponchos on cold nights you can keep your hands warm. Included in the Zefaback quilt are two hand pockets which are secured with nylon ripstop fabric. This is handy when you need to make use of your hands and don’t want to keep taking your gloves of and putting them on again.

Down Backpacking Quilt ZB300BK Specifications

  • Brand: Vuno Zefaback.
  • Colour: Black with red stitching.
  • Fabric: Water resistant 20D 400T Nylon.
  • Filling: 90% white duck down (European standard).
  • Fill power/weight: 600/500 grams.
  • Net weight: 817 grams +/- 5%.
  • Comfort Temperature: 5℃-10℃.
  • Limit Temperature: 0℃.
  • Size: 200 x 136 cm.
  • Packed size: 33 x 16 x 16 cm (uncompressed).


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