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EDC 6 in 1 Firestarter
Compass Whistle Cord
Bottle Opener Ruler

Our EDC 6 in 1 tool includes a range of tools which could safe your life should you get lost in the bush. It can be used to whistle for help or as a compass to know which direction to hike towards to escape the bush.

Not that you should be starting fires in the NZ bush but in case of emergency it includes a magnesium flint rod and scraper. These can be used to start a fire should you get wet or cold or need to heat water or cook food.

Furthermore this great emergency tool includes 8 meters of paracord. This paracord can be used to attach the tool to your bag or wear it like a necklace. In case of emergency it can also be used to make tools or shelters to keep you warm and dry.

EDC 6 in 1 Specifications

  • Aluminum alloy housing.
  • Magnesium flint rod size: 34 mm x 6 mm.
  • Paracord length: 80 cm.
  • Weight: 43 grams
  • Main tool dimensions: 92 mm x 12 mm.
  • Brand: Vuno.
  • MPN: VEDC6IN1.


  • Emergency whistle: Alert others to your position if lost or injured.
  • Compass: Help you find your way out of the bush.
  • Bottle opener: Open bottles effortlessly or use as a wrench.
  • Magnesium flint rod: Start a fire if wet or cold.
  • Scraper/ruler: For measuring and scraping magnesium flint rod to start a fire.
  • 80 cm paracord: Useful for making shelters and tools.

Please note to get the best result from the compass it must be held as vertical as possible. It will give you an accurate enough reading to know which direction to head to hike out of danger. It should not be relied on for precise coordinates.

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