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Emergency Bivy Bag
for Survival Use
125 grams

An emergency bivy bag is a must for all hikes where there is a chance of getting lost or injury could occur. For the extra 125 grams of weight in your backpack it could save your life. Also a good addition to the glove box of your car in case of breakdown.

Key Features of Emergency Bivy Bag

  • Can be used as a shelter. When doing multi-day hikes where you are intending to stay inside huts it is always a good idea to take a tent with you in case for some reason you can not reach the hut before it gets dark. As a minimum you should always carry something which could be used as a shelter. Bring a sleeping bag is no enough as most sleeping bags when wet become ineffective. This survival sleeping bag can be used as a shelter to keep you and your sleeping bag dry. To do this you will need to bring some cord to pitch is as a shelter and use rocks or other heavy objects to ground it.
  • Foil lining reflects and traps body heat. Your body generates heat which can be trapped inside the bag to keep you warm. This heat may not last long outside the bag, when you start to feel cold get your body moving to generate more heat. Before entering the survival sleeping bag jog on the spot if possible or move other body parts to generate body heat. Once done enter the bag and close up as much as possible to seal the heat in.
  • Water proof PE fabric will help keep you dry in case of poor weather. If you are doing an overnight hike and are carrying a sleeping bag then use the survival bag as an emergency bivvy to keep your sleeping bag dry.
  • Reusable with storage bag included. You may want to use this survival sleeping bag multiple times as an additional layer when you get too cold in the hut or your tent. No problem, with a little care when folding and rolling it back up it can be reused and stored back inside the included storage bag.


  • Material: PE.
  • Colour: Orange with black stripe.
  • Size: 200 x 90 cm.
  • Uses: Emergency Bivvy, emergency shelter, emergency sleeping bag.

We also have green emergency bivvy bags in our range. For more information, click here.

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