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Emergency Raincoat
Poncho Survival Aid
79 grams

If you are lost and cold in wet conditions then this emergency raincoat poncho could save your life. It only weighs 78 grams making it a backpack essential or a glovebox companion for your car. The poncho will help keep you warm and the bright orange colour will aid emergency services in sighting you if you are lost.

Emergency Raincoat Poncho Key Features

Emergency raincoat poncho features

The inside is insulated to help trap your body heat inside the emergency poncho while keeping you cool in the sun.

Sun protection and heat insulation

The emergency raincoat is reusable and comes with a handy storage bag for packing it away in you pack safely.

Dimensions of survival raincoat

Product Specifications

  • Material: Bright orange PE.
  • Colour: Orange and silver.
  • Weight: 79 grams +- 5%.
  • Size: 101 x 124 cm.
  • Packed size: 10 x 2 x 14 cm.


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