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Fleece Liner for Sleeping
Bag Army Green
550 grams

This fleece liner can either be used as a sleeping bag liner or as a sleeping bag during warmer months. When used as a sleeping bag liner it will not only keep the inside of your sleeping bag clean. It will also add up to 5° to the temperature range of your sleeping bag.

liner inside sleeping bag

These fleece sleeping bag liners are made from ultra fine high density fleece fabric. Not only does it help keep you warm it also feels nice and soft on your skin. This makes it perfect for use with modern sleeping bags which are lined with Nylon.

This Nylon fabric can become a little sticky when things get a bit warm during the night. Because of this a fleece sleeping bag liner will make sleeping in these sleeping bags comfortable if you don’t like sleeping in a full base layer of clothing.

liner inside sleeping bag (1)

If you have a down sleeping bag then using a liner is  must. Down sleeping bags should not be washed as washing them causes the down to clump together. Instead of washing your sleeping bag you can hand wash your liner.

Please note, we do not recommend washing fleece products in your washing machine as it is likely to fluff the fleece up and leave fleece residue inside your machine and over everything else washed at the same time.

Hand washing liner

Fleece Liner Specifications

  • Size: Approximately 180 cm x80 cm.
  • Fabric: Ultra-fine high-density fleece.
  • Weight: 550 grams +/- 5%.
  • Colour:Army Green.
  • Temperature use: Above 15 ° C when used on its own without a sleeping bag.
  • Packed size: Approximately 28 x 12 cm (without compression).
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