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Flexible Crampons 18 Teeth Vuno UCO Large
EU 41-46 | US 7-12

These flexible crampons are just what you need for when hiking above the snow line where snow or ice may be present.  They weigh only 285 grams so will not weigh you down.

Ice can be present above the snow line through out the year because of this it is better to be prepared and carry the extra weight in your pack. Therefore these crampons become an essential item when hiking at altitude anytime of the year.

Because the frame is made out of rubber these crampons are super flexible. Not only can they fit a large range of shoe sizes easily they also mold to the shape of most shoes and boots. They are quick and easy to put on should track conditions change quickly under bad weather.

If you are climbing up step hills we recommend using our crampons with the flexible adjustable base. This type of crampon is intended more for emergency use where ice is not expected or if ice will only be present for short crossings only.

Flexible Crampons Light Duty Specifications

  • Made from manganese steel and silica.
  • Rubber colour: Black.
  • Large size (black) fits EU 41-46 and US 7-12 size shoes.
  • Net weight 285 grams +/- 5%.
  • Brand: Vuno.
  • Model number: UCO-L.

Important Notes on Use

  • When you fist get your crampons do a couple of trial run setups on your hiking boots or hiking shoes. When you hands are cold it can become tricky to add crampons to your boots. Therefore the more practice beforehand the easier it will be to add them to your footwear.
  • The front metal plate may need to be bent to match the shape of your footwear. there should be little or no gap between the metal plates and your shoes.
  • When putting the crampons on your shoes ensure the attachment rings are flat as below. They should not be sticking out. Also ensure the rubber straps are firmly in place reducing any parts which could get stuck or caught on objects as you walk.
  • Only use when walking on ice or snow. They are not made for all day hiking.

correct and incorrect crampon setup

Why You Should Use Crampons

If you love hiking on icy or snowy terrain, you need a pair of flexible crampons to keep you safe and stable. Our flexible crampons are designed to fit most shoes and boots, and they are easy to put on and take off.

They have 18 stainless steel teeth that dig into the ice and snow, giving you excellent grip and traction. They are also lightweight and durable, so you can enjoy your winter adventures without any hassle.

Whether you are hiking, climbing, or walking on slippery surfaces, our flexible crampons will help you stay on your feet. Order yours today and get ready for some frosty fun!

For information on using this product correctly click here

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