Flexible Crampons
18 Teeth
Black (L) and Orange (M)

These flexible crampons are just what you need for when hiking above the snow line where snow or ice may be present.  They weigh only 300 grams so will not weigh you down.

Ice can be present above the snow line through out the year because of this it is better to be prepared and carry the extra weight in your pack. Therefore these crampons become an essential item when hiking at altitude anytime of the year.

Because the frame is made out of rubber these crampons are super flexible. Not only can they fit a large range of shoe sizes easily they also mold to the shape of most shoes and boots. They are quick and easy to put on should track conditions change quickly under bad weather.

If you are climbing up step hills we recommend using our crampons with the flexible adjustable base. This type of crampon is intended more for emergency use where ice is not expected or if ice will only be present for short crossings only.

Flexible Crampons Light Duty Specifications

  • Made from manganese steel and silica.
  • Medium size (orange) fits EU 36-40 and US 6-9 size shoes.
  • Large size (black) fits EU 41-46 and US 7-12 size shoes.
  • Net weight 275 grams +/- 5%.
Manganese steel teeth.
Manganese steel teeth.
Flexible crampons with thick rubber straps.
Thick rubber straps.
Tough link chains connect crampon plates to thick rubber straps.
Tough link chains connect crampon plates to thick rubber straps.
Lightweight crampons fit on most shoes.
Fit on most shoes.
18 high strength steel teeth.
18 high strength steel teeth.
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