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Gas Stove Set for Hiking/Camping 12 Piece Set
652 grams

Want everything you need to complete your kitchen for on the track? This gas Stove Set for Hiking has everything you need except the gas, the food and the matches or flint to get the flame started. The set includes an approved gas cooker which meets NZ standards.


Camping Cooking Set

  • Pots and pans are made from high quality anodized aluminum
  • Cooking pot 14.5 cm diameter, 8 cm high
  • Frying pan diameter 15 cm, 3.5 cm high
  • Bowls diameter 11 cm, 4 cm high
  • Large plastic spoon 16 x 4 cm
  • Total weight of pots, cutlery, utensils, cleaning loofah and bag is 510 g.

Hiking Stove

  • Stove Specifications
  • CE 0359-19 PIN 0359C01328
  • 232 g/h
  • 10.8 MJ/h
  • 10,200 BTU
  • 0.35mm Injector Size
  • 100 g (142 g in case)
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