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Hiking Quilt for
Camping Versa 360g
only 650 grams

The Versa 360g is a hiking quilt for camping on overnight hikes. It can be used as a sleeping bag as well as a quilt to keep you warm before you settle down for the night.

Hiking quilt camping quilt Youtube video preview

What makes this camping quilt so versatile are the draw strings at each end of the quilt. The draw string at the foot of the quilt allow for the foot area to be either open or closed. This makes it possible to be able to walk around and use it as a wearable sleeping bag.

The top of the quilt also has a draw string. This draw string can be tightened when using the quilt as a sleeping bag trapping the hot air inside. It can also be used to wear the quilt like a poncho.

Draw string at foot of quilt

Another feature which makes this alternative to a sleeping bag are the clips down the side. These clips allow the quilt to be worn like a wearable sleeping bag and have one arm outside. You can also use it like either a mummy sleeping bag or an envelope sleeping bag. This truly makes this quilt a versatile alternative to a sleeping bag.

Clips replace part of zipper on the side of camping quilt

Some of the Many Set Up Modes

If it is a warm night then the bottom can be opened along with the top. This will release excess hot air from the quilt help with a comfortable nights sleep.

Used as a wearable sleeping bag

When using the quilt on a not so warm night simply pull the draw string at the bottom of the quilt. This mode will be like using an envelope style sleeping bag. Using it this way is perfect if you have a tendency to have cold feet and feel warm up top.

Enevelop sleeping bag mode

On the slightly colder nights close the draw string at the bottom and the top around your shoulders. This mode will trap the heat inside the bag keeping your head free to release some body heat. This mode is also perfect for those who don’t like their heads covered while sleeping.

Head out

For the really cold nights the quilt can be used like a mummy sleeping bag. This involves closing the drawstring at both ends and popping your face out between the clasps. Using this setup will provide you with maximum warmth.

quilt used like mummy style sleeping bag

Hiking Quilt for Camping Versa 360g Specifications

  • Brand: Flam’s Creed.
  • Model Number: VERSA 360G.
  • Opened Size: Approximately 198 x 122 cm.
  • Filling Type: 90% White duck down.
  • Packed Weight: 650 grams +/- 5%.
  • Fill Power: 700FP.
  • Outer Fabric: 20D Nylon.
  • Inner Fabric: 20D Nylon.
  • Comfort Temperature: 5°C ~ 15° C.
  • Lower Temperature: 0° C.
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