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Keith Titanium Ti6052
Pot and Pan Set
240 grams

The Keith Titanium Ti6052 pot and pan set weighs only 240 grams. It includes a pot, small bowl and a large bowl which can be used as the pots lid. Both bowls have handles so they can also be used to cook food directly on the stove.

This Titanium cooking set will save you up to 500 grams or more of pack weight. Therefore this set is perfect for long multi day hikes where you have to take lots of gear with you.

Another great thing about this Titanium pot set is the bowls pack into the pot and leave room at the bottom for a gas cooker. So not only does this set save on pack weight it also saves on valuable space in your backpack.

Keith Titanium Ti6052 Set Specifications

  • Model number: Ti6052.
  • Made from pure Titanium.
  • Sandblasted finish.
  • Total set weight including storage bag is 240 grams.
  • Pot capacity is 1.2 liters and weighs 125 grams.
  • Large bowl/pan/pot lid is 400 ml, 60 grams.
  • Small bowl/pan is 300 ml, 43.5 grams.

Stock is available locally for delivery within a few days. Alternatively if you don’t mind waiting a few weeks you can buy Keith Titanium cookware direct from Asia. To see this amazing range available direct to you click on the banner below.

Buy Keith Titanium cookware direct from Asia

Keith Titanium Ti6052 includes 1.2L Titanium pot
Set includes 1.2L pot.
400ml Titanium pan used as pot lid or bowl
400ml Titanium pan used as pot lid or bowl.
300ml Titanium bowl with handles
300ml Titanium bowl with handles.
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