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Khaki Army Green
Paracord Bracelet
2.5m Vuno PB-AG2500

Our army green paracord bracelet is made of 2.5 meters of oval paracord. The paracord can be untied and used in case of emergency to make tools or erect shelters. Use it in conjunction with our emergency bivi bags to erect them as shelters.

Army Green Paracord Specifications

  • Model number: PB-AG2500.
  • Brand: Vuno.
  • Cord length: 2.5 meters.
  • Weight: 14.5 grams +/- 5 %.
  • Bracelet length connected: 215 mm.
  • Total bracelet length including clips: 235 mm.
  • Colour: Army green/khaki green with black clasp.


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