Lanshan 2 Pro Ultralight
Hiking Tent
Only 1040 grams

The Lanshan 2 Pro is a pole-less ultralight hiking tent which requires 2 hiking poles to set up. It is made from ultralight weight tear resistant fabrics and features two entrances.

This is the perfect tent when hiking multiple days and you want to minimise the weight of your backpack. It is also perfect for when you have limited room in your pack. This is because it packs down to an ultra small size for a two person hiking tent.

They are also great to pitch while it is raining as the design allows the tent to be put up without getting it wet inside.

3F UL Gear Lanshan 2 Pro Setup Video Preview Image 2

These tents are genuine two person tents. They are capable of sleeping two people using a variety of sleeping pads or mats.

Unlike most small 2 person tents there is no need to use tapered mattresses.

Genuine 2 person ultralight tent two mattresses

The low weight of these tents is possible not only due to their pole-less design. It is also because of the ultralight fabrics used to make them. These fabrics are super light but also tear resistant and highly waterproof.

Not only are the fabrics tear resistant, the corners of the tent are reinforced. This is also the case with all the pull points and areas of the tent which are put under pressure once the tent is pitched.

Reinforced corners at pull points.

This amazing ultralight hiking tent has two entrances. These entrances make it easier to enter and exit the tent when used by two people.

Not only does the dual door make it easy to enter and exit the tent it also provides extra room. This room can be used to store two backpacks inside the tent without blocking wither entrance.

The 3F UL Lanshan 2 Pro requires two hiking poles for set up (not included).

Lanshan 2 Pro 3FULL2PG Specifications

  • Brand: 3F UL Gear.
  • Model number: 3FULL2PG.
  • Tent type: Pole-less.
  • 3 Season single layer.
  • Number of Users: 2 Person.
  • Tent fabric: 20D silicon fabric (waterproof index 2000 mm) plus 20D nylon breathable gauze.
  • Bottom tent fabric: 20D silicone waterproof nylon (waterproof index 5000 mm).
  • Inner tent dimensions: 120(W) x 230(L) x 120(H) cm.
  • Outer tent dimensions: 70+120+70(W) x 230(L) x 120(H).
  • Net weight 1040 grams +/- 5% (including bag, pegs and ropes).
  • Packed size: Approximately 34 x 15 cm (depending on how it’s packed).
  • Colours available: Green and grey tents.
  • GTIN: Green tent 6970919901153 and grey tent 6970919901146.

Cautions on Using Ultralight Weight Tents

Please note, these tents have been made to be as durable as possible. However at the end of the day they are ultralight weight tents. They are nowhere near as durable as regular out of the boot tents.

Ensure extra care is taken when using them. Do not over tension the ropes and ensure the ground is clear of any objects which could puncture the tents floor.

As with any tent we recommend using a ground sheet.

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