The Vuno Circuit is light 2 person tent for hiking and camping. It is wide and long enough to sleep two people with our crossing mattresses and with it’s twin peak design is roomy enough height wise for two people to sit comfortably. The Vuno Circuit is Vuno Hiking’s 2 person tent which features 2 doors, a front door and a side door which can be opened up to take in bigger views. The Circuit light 2 person tent is a pole-less ultralight hiking tent which requires either 2 hiking poles or a couple of close by trees to pitch from.

Multi-Season Tent Setup Modes

The Vuno Circuit features two different setup modes depending on the season. The summer mode allows for more ventilation and storage in the front, sides and rear of the tent. While the winter mode locks out the draft making then tent warmer inside however more prone to condensation at night.


  • Tent Dimensions: 210cm (L), 120 cm (W) front, 120 cm (W) back, 115 cm (H)
  • Outer Tent Fabric: Silicon Coated Nylon
  • Poles Included: None
  • Number of Users: 2
  • Layers: Dual
  • Tent Waterproof index: Top >3000 mm, Bottom >3000 mm
  • Colour Orange
  • Total Weight: 1450 g +/- 5%

** Mattresses and hiking poles not included **

Tent Weight

1450 g +/- 5%

Tent Height

115 cm

Tent Length

210 cm

Tent Width

120 cm (front), 120 cm (back)

Tent Layers


Poles Inlcuded


Number of Users



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