Tent for Hiking Pole-less
2 Person
Single Layer 850 grams

The Port William ultralight weight tent for hiking is Vuno Hiking’s lightest tent. The Port William is a single layer pole-less lightweight tent which requires the use of either 2 hiking poles or a branch to erect the tent. This means the weight of the tent can be reduced without compromising on quality making this our lightest hiking tent.

Another factor which makes this tent one of the lightest tents available is the use of siliconized nylon. This fabric is made by adding liquid silicon to both sides of woven nylon fabric. This method makes the fabric strong for it’s weight and highly waterproof.

Can fit two people using Vuno Crossing Mattresses (not included), please see our other listings.

Tent for Hiking Specifications:

  • Tent Dimensions: 200 cm (L), 130 cm (W) front, 80 cm (W) back, 120 cm (H) at door
  • Outer Tent Fabric 20D Siliconized nylon
  • Poles Included: None
  • Number of Users: 1-2
  • Layers: Single
  • Tent Waterproof index: Top 1500-2000 mm, Bottom >3000 mm
  • Colours available in blue, orange and green.
  • Total Weight: Only 875 grams +/- 5%.

** Hiking poles and mattresses not included **


If you don’t already have a groundsheet we recommend you get one to use with this tent. It will not only protect your tent it will also provide another layer to shield from the cold ground. Furthermore it will help keep the tent dry. This is important because a wet tent will weigh a lot more.

Have a look at our tent accessory range to see what groundsheets are available from us.

Also ensure your dry your tent well before packing it away in your backpack. A wet tent can weigh as much as over twice the original weight of your tent. Furthermore when return home ensure the tent is full dried to prevent mould build up.

The Vuno Port William ultralight tent for hiking is available in three colours. Please select the colour of the hiking tent you are after in product variations. We apologize if the colour you want is not currently available.

Tent for Hiking Pole-less Orange
Green Ultralight Tent
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