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Lightweight Camping Tent
1 - 2 Person
861 grams

Looking for a lightweight camping tent on a budget? This 1 -2 person tent is what you need. It can be used with or without the included tent poles to get the weight down to only 861 grams.  Instead of using the included tent poles you can use hiking poles to put this tent up. When using the tent poles the tent sill only weighs 1082 grams.

This tent has enough room inside for two people when using the right sized mattresses. Our anti roll off series of mattresses are perfect for using with these tents if you want to sleep two people.

What Makes this Tent so Good

Contoured shape of tent fits two contoured air mattresses. Using the right air mattresses you can comfortably sleep two people in this tent. This is great news given the lightweight of this tent.

Lightweight Tent for Camping fits two mattresses inside

Zippable side air pocket to improve air circulation and reduce condensation build up. If a single layer tent doesn’t breathe well then you could wake up with a wet sleeping bag. These tents have a side air vent which helps the tent breathe reducing condensation built up. It has a mesh cover so you don’t have to worry about those pesky insects entering your tent while sleeping.

Lightweight tent for camping side air pocket

Not only does this lightweight camping tent have the side pocket ventilation system it also has ventilation at the foot end of the tent. This will help keep the foot end of your sleeping bag dry at night, a common problem with most single layer tents.

Ventilation at foot end of tent

Another great feature of this single layer tent is the inner door. The outer door can be opened from either side and so can the inside door. This is good news if you are planning to use this tent as a two person tent. This is made possible by having three zippers on the inside mesh door, on down the middle and two at the bottom.

Twin sided mesh door with triple zipper

The top part of the tent is made from waterproof 190T Polyester PU fabric which will sheet away most water when the weather is not so ideal for camping.

Waterprrof 190T Polyester PU fabric updated

The inside seams of this tent are taped using waterproof tape. This stops any water leaking through the seams when wet. This along with the waterproof Polyester fabric will keep you warm and dry.

Seams taped with waterproof tape

The best thing about this tent is it’s weight weighing only 1082 grams with the included tent poles or 861 grams without them. If you use hiking poles then you can use them or other straight objects such as smooth branches to put the tent up. This is great news if you are intending to use the tent for long multiday hikes where getting pack weight down is important.

Lightweight Tent for Camping weight


Lightweight Camping Tent Specifications

    • Solo – 2 person capacity.
    • Single layer.
    • 3 Season tent.
    • Weighs 861 grams +/- 5% without included poles.
    • Weighs 1082 grams +/- 5% with included poles.
    • Top and bottom waterpoof index 2000 mm.
    • Outer tent fabric 190T Polyester PU fabric.
    • Bottom tent fabric 210T Polyester fabric.
    • Includes carry bag.
    • Tent dimensions: 210 (L) x 120 (W) at head | 90 cm (W) at foot, 88 cm (H) at head | 60 cm (H) at foot.

When using these tents or any tent we recommended using a groundsheet. This will help protect the bottom of the tent, add another layer of insulation and help keep the bottom of the tent clean and dry. You may think this is extra weight however using a groundsheet will keep the bottom of your tent dry.

A wet tent will weigh more, up to twice the weight of a dry tent. A groundsheet can easily be dried throughout the day on the back of your backpack or while taking breaks.


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