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Down Sleeping Bag
5 ~ 20°C 930 grams

Orange Puffer Lightweight Sleeping Bag Information:

The Vuno Orange Puffer lightweight sleeping bag is a high quality duck down sleeping bag.  It has an excellent weight to temperature ratio weighing only 930 g. This sleeping bag will lighten your load and take up less room keeping you warm and comfortable during the night.

  • Total Weight: 930 g (+/- 5%)
  • Packed Size:18 x 18 x 23 cm
  • Usable Size: 210 x 80 x 50 cm
  • Season: Summer/Spring
  • Fabric: Super light water resistant anti tear 400T nylon
  • Filling: Duck Down 80%
  • Filling Weight: 400 g
  • Comfort Temperature: 5 to 20°C
  • Extreme Temperature: 0°
  • Zipper: Dual
  • Size: LARGE

We have more sleeping bags available in this range. Click on the below image to see more.

_For More Vuno Down Sleeping Bags

The best way to keep your bag clean is to use a sleeping bag liner. You can find one on our sleeping bag accessories page.  Ideally duck down sleeping bags shouldn’t be washed unless they really have to.  For information on how to care for down sleeping bags like this one watch this YouTube video.

When packing your lightweight sleeping bag in your backpack make sure you have it covered with a pack liner. Down sleeping backs do not work if they are wet, your priority when packing your pack is to ensure you do what you can to keep it dry. The best place to pack it is at the bottom of the pack because you will not need it till the end of the day, this will help keep it dry. However it can still get wet so ensure no liquids are packed above it inside the pack liner.

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