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Lightweight Tent for Hiking
Dual Layer
Only 915 grams

Looking for a lightweight tent for hiking which won’t weigh you down the Divide is just what you need.  The Divide dual layer hiking tent was named the Divide after it was tested on the amazing Routeburn Track. This lightweight tent for hiking has plenty of room for one person or with Vuno’s Crossing ultralight weight mattresses can be used as a two person tent.

The Divide Lightweight Tent Specifications:

    • Tent Dimensions: 200 cm (L), 130 cm (W) front, 80 cm (W) back, 105 cm (H) at door.
    • Outer Tent Fabric 20D Siliconized nylon.
    • Inner Tent Fabric: 40D Siliconized tear proof nylon.
    • Poles Included: None.
    • Number of Users: 1-2.
    • Layers: Dual.
  • Tent Waterproof index: Top 2000 mm, Bottom 5000 mm.
  • Colours available in blue, green and orange.
  • Total Weight: 915 g +/- 5%.

** Mattresses and hiking poles not included **

Tips For Using These Tents

Use with a groundsheet. A groundsheet may add some weight o your pack however it is likely to not weigh as much extra as you think. This is because a groundsheet will keep the bottom of your tent dry and is a lot easier to dry than a whole tent. Wet fabric can double in weight.  You can easily dry your ground sheet during the day as you hike by attaching it to the outside of your backpack.

Another benefit of using a groundsheet is it will protect the bottom of your tent and add an extra layer of insulation from the cold ground. These lightweight tents are tough but not as tough as a regular standard weight tent.

These amazing tents are available in three colours: orange, green and blue. We apologize if your preferred colour is not currently available. Select your desired coloured tent from the dropdown variation box to see if it is available.

Blue Tent


Green The Divide Ultralight weight hiking camping tent front open


Orange The Divide Ultralight weight hiking camping tent front open


The Divide is a pole-less dual layer blue 1-2 person ultra light hiking tent which requires the use of either a hiking pole (not included) or a branch to erect the tent, this means the weight of the tent can be reduced without compromising on quality. Using Vuno’s Crossing ultralight weight air mattresses the Divide can be used as a two person tent.

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