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Magnesium Fire Starter
Rod Vuno Big Spark
11.8cm Long

Our Big Spark flint stone fire starter throws out a big enough spark to get your fire started quickly. It can be used to start fires or as a back up for your gas stoves flint starter.

magnesium fires tarter long striking surface

The Big Spark uses a clever design to provide you with a long striking surface which is required to generate big sparks quickly. Instead of using a short thick magnesium rod it uses a long thick iron rod with a magnesium rod inset into it. The result is a longer striking surface than most other magnesium fire starters. Because of this a bigger more powerful spark can be generated.

Magnesium Fire Starter Specifications

  • Model: Vuno Big Spark.
  • Part number: VBSMR.
  • Materials: Magnesium flint with iron setting.
  • Flint length: 7 cm long.
  • Dimensions of flint plus handle: 11.8 x 4cm.
  • Stricker dimensions: 7.5 x 2 cm.
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