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Maleroads 70L Tramping
Backpack Green
MRBK70G 1.9 kg

If carrying lots of gear is your priority then the Maleroads 70L tramping backpack is what you need.  It can handle weights above 25 kg and has multiple external straps for attaching additional gear which will not fit inside the tramping pack.

This pack for tramping has an adjustable frame system which enables the pack to be adjusted for maximum comfort, balance and weight distribution. Weight distribution is important when carrying heavy loads. It will balance the weight and shift the weight to the right places making the tramping pack feel lighter. It will also help improve your balance while hiking.

If you are tramping for multiple days (5 or more) and need to take lots of gear then this pack is a better pack to use than our ultralightweight backpacks.  Alternatively if you don’t have ultralight gear then a pack which can handle bigger weights is a must.


Maleroads 70L Tramping Backpack Specifications

    • Access from top and bottom.
    • Weight balance and distribution system.
    • Adjustable Aluminum frame to match user height.
    • Multiple external straps for attaching additional gear.
    • Can handle pack weights above 25 kg.
    • Includes drinking tube outlet and clip.
    • Includes rain cover.
    • Backpack weight approximately 1.9 kg.
    • Approximate tramping pack dimensions 36 x 22 x 85 cm.


Maleroads 70L Tramping backpack made from waterproof fabric

Tramping pack rain cover

Water hose outlet included

Water hose clamp

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