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Mini Guess Who Game
for Tramping and
Camping Only 215 grams

This Mini Guess Who game is a compact, travel-friendly version of the beloved classic. This game, suitable for ages 6 and up, offers the same engaging gameplay as the full-sized version but in a convenient, portable format. It’s perfect for two players, making it an ideal choice for family trips, including multiday hikes on New Zealand tracks. Here’s a product description and reasons why it’s great for playing in huts and tents with family or strangers:

Product Description: Embark on an adventure with this small Hasbro game, your perfect travel companion for endless fun. This miniaturized version of the classic Guess Who? game brings the excitement of guessing and deduction to your fingertips. Designed for ages 6 and up, it’s a game that both kids and adults can enjoy. The game includes two frames, 40 face cards, one deck of Mystery cards, and easy-to-follow instructions. Its compact size and built-in storage make it a breeze to pack and play anywhere. Whether you’re on a road trip, plane ride, or nestled in a cozy hut on a New Zealand track, this game transforms any setting into a thrilling guessing game arena.

Why Take this Mini Guess Who Game on Your Next Tramping Getaway

  1. Portable and Compact: Its travel-size design makes it easy to carry in a backpack, fitting seamlessly among your hiking essentials.
  2. Quick Setup: The game is simple to set up, allowing you to start playing immediately after a long day of hiking.
  3. Engaging for All Ages: Suitable for players aged 6 and up, it’s a game that can be enjoyed by the whole family or a group of friends.
  4. Social Interaction: Playing with family or strangers in huts and tents encourages social interaction and creates a fun, communal atmosphere.
  5. Lightweight: Its lightweight design ensures it won’t add unnecessary weight to your hiking gear.
  6. No Power Required: As a non-electronic game, it’s perfect for remote locations without access to power.
  7. Educational: It enhances critical thinking and questioning skills, making it both fun and educational.
  8. Versatile Gameplay: The game can be played in a variety of settings, whether inside a tent or at a picnic table..
  9. Affordable: With a modest price point, it’s an accessible option for adding entertainment to your trip.

This fun game is not just a game, but a travel essential that promises to bring laughter, bonding, and entertainment to any hiking trip in New Zealand’s beautiful outdoors. Whether you’re playing with family or making new friends along the tracks, it’s a game that turns every night into a memorable experience.

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