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Moka Pot Stove Top
Coffee Maker 6 Cup
Black Mocha Pot 300ml

This moka pot is a stove top coffee maker which can maker great tasting espresso on you stove. It makes up to 6 standard espresso coffee shots 50 ml each or if you like your coffee stronger then it will make 3 double shot cups.

These stove top espresso makers are made from food grade Aluminum and are BPA free an non toxic.

The ringed base of the stove top espresso coffee maker uses a ringed surface both inside on the bottom of the unit. This improves heat conduction and retains heat better which speeds up the time to brew your coffee. This is great when you have a limited supply of gas available.

Mocha Pot Instructions on Use

  1. Fill the base tank with water to safety valve level, not above safety valve.
  2. Place coffee funnel into base and fill to top with ground coffee beans the press down with light pressure so surface is flat.
  3. Ensure any coffee residue which may stop the top of the espresso maker from screwing clean onto the base is wiped off.
  4. Screw the top of the espresso maker into the base until it is sealed.
  5. Place coffee maker on top off heating source.
  6. Remove from heating source once you are happy with amount of coffee push through into top of pot. Know the right level will take time to learn

When filling the mocha pot with water ensure the level does not exceed the built in release valve. The water level should be just inline with this valve and no higher.

Moka Pot Cleaning Instructions

Wash with water only. It is recommended not use soap or detergent when cleaning the espresso maker. The rubber seal and top filter will also need to be removed and cleaned occasionally.

Stove Top Coffee Maker Specifications

  • Mocha pot model number: VHNZ-STEM6C.
  • Capacity: 300 ml.
  • Colour: Black.
  • Weight:  461 grams.
  • Makes up to 6 cups.
  • Food grade Aluminum hosing with black coating.
  • BPA free and non toxic.
  • Dimensions including handle and lid knob: 19(H) x 17.5 (W) 10 (D) cm.
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