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Paracord Bracelet
with Survival Aids
Orange Colour

Paracord bracelet loaded with mini tools, a compass and a light which could help you survive if things go wrong.  The strap of the bracelet is made with 3 meters of heavy duty paracord which can be unwound and used.

3m of paracord

Set on top of the bracelet is a compass and a LED light. This LED light has 3 functions which include: permanently on, strobe and SOS. Press once for permanently on, twice for strobe or hold down for three seconds for SOS mode.

LED light with SOS flash

Included in the paracord bracelet is a magnesium flint rod. This can be used as a fire start in dry conditions. It is also useful if your matches get wet or you gas stoves flint fails to spark.

To use the flint rod scratch off the surface paint. Then strike downwards with the blade so the sparked up flint falls onto dry leaves or equivalent thin dry foiliage.

The bracelet has slide out tools include which have multiple functions. The first slide out tool includes the following tools: bike spanner, wrench, knife edge, hexagon spanner, saw blade, bottle opener and a scraper.

FIrst slide out tool

Other slide out tools include: 2 screwdrivers, T shape knife and a SIM Pin.

Second slide out tool

Paracord Bracelet Potential Uses

  • Starting fires with the flint rod.
  • Repair clothing.
  • Repair broken equipment.
  • Use as a clothes line.
  • Replacement shoelaces.
  • Haulage rope.
  • Pulley system.
  • Construct a net to carry items.
  • Make a stretcher.
  • Build a hammock.
  • Make a floatation device.
  • Making a bow drill for fie starting.
  • Fishing line.
  • Make a fishing net.
  • Use to make a a splint.
  • Stop bleeding.
  • Tying items to your pack or other item.
  • Hanging food.
  • Building an emergency shelter

This listing is for the orange emergency bracelet (EMB01-O). We also have black available, please see our other listings to buy this colour.

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